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Padwerk Intensief november 2020


 Introduction tot the 50/50 work by Moira Shaw

zaterdag 21 en zondag 22 november 2020

A weekend of learning about the 50/50 work.

The 50/50 Work (previously known as the 'Keys') offers a deep understanding of the Pathwork Guide Lectures through an illumination of the most profound concepts in the lectures.


Some key elements are:

Three spheres of consciousness:

                100/100 (dualistic child consciousness);

                50/50 (transitional state of human consciousness - constructive, healthy adult ego)

                and 100 (unitive state of consciousness)

Each sphere co-exists alongside the others, depending on your awareness. 

Chair Meditation – The Process of Meditation -Conscious communication between different aspects of us.

The 15 Step Process (overview); exploring Steps 1 and 2

                Steps 1- 11         Purification Process                       purifying your consciousness

                Steps 12-15        Transformation Process                 transforming your energy

We will be looking at the three spheres in more detail and relate them to the transition in human development. Using the 3-chair meditation/exercise we will apply the teachings to individual life experiences.


Locatie Thuis via Zoom
Leraar Maria Krekeler

opgave via scholing(at)


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